The Specification document proposes a generic plugin-based networking solution for application containers on Linux, the Container Networking Interface, or CNI. It is derived from the rkt Networking Proposal, which aimed to satisfy many of the design considerations for networking in rkt .


The latest CNI spec version 0.4.0.

Note that this is independent from the version of the CNI library and plugins in this repository (e.g. the versions of releases ).

Released versions

Released versions of the spec are available as Git tags.

tagspec permalinkmajor changes
spec-v0.4.0 spec at v0.4.0 Introduce the CHECK command and passing prevResult on DEL
spec-v0.3.1 spec at v0.3.1 none (typo fix only)
spec-v0.3.0 spec at v0.3.0 rich result type, plugin chaining
spec-v0.2.0 spec at v0.2.0 VERSION command
spec-v0.1.0 spec at v0.1.0 initial version
Do not rely on these tags being stable. In the future, we may change our mind about which particular commit is the right marker for a given historical spec version.