Extension conventions

There are three ways of passing information to plugins using the Container Network Interface (CNI), none of which require the spec to be updated. These are

  • plugin specific fields in the JSON config
  • args field in the JSON config
  • CNI_ARGS environment variable

The Conventions document aims to provide guidance on which method should be used and to provide a convention for how common information should be passed. Establishing these conventions allows plugins to work across multiple runtimes. This helps both plugins and the runtimes.

Released versions

Released versions of the spec and conventions are available as Git tags.

tagconventions permalinknotes
spec-v0.4.0 conventions at v0.4.0
spec-v0.3.1 conventions at v0.3.1
spec-v0.3.0 conventions at v0.3.0
spec-v0.2.0 No CONVENTIONS file for this version
spec-v0.1.0 No CONVENTIONS file for this version
Do not rely on these tags being stable. In the future, we may change our mind about which particular commit is the right marker for a given historical spec version.